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Welcome & Introduction

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Industry and research are working shoulder to shoulder in innovation

The AZL - Aachen Center for lightweight production

Industry and research are working together to cross borders in technology and globally across country borders.
The focus will be on production technology for high wage countries in the field of automotive lightweight production.
Cooperation along the value chain from raw materials to Tier ½ and the final OEMs will be highlighted.

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Global Automotive Development

CEO Peter de Vos talks about the strategic approach of VDL Steelweld as part of the VDL Groep and how the organization in Breda has grown enormously in the Automotive and Special Products market from relatively small to 1 of the largest players in the Automotive industry and Heavy duty vehicles. We invest and innovate in customers, employees, products and techniques. We invest heavily in applications of automation, robotization and internationalization. We always want to be the best, so we deliver the best balance in quality, technology, logistics and costs.

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Future of low emission powertrains from a technology perspective

This presentation gives an insight about the main drivers to reduce fuel consumption and what the current targets look like.
Starting from today’s fleet emissions, we will look at future development demands and how these can be achieved from a technical perspective. Which scenarios can be introduced to meet targets and which propulsion technologies can be used in the coming decennia?
The emission targets that have to be met according to regulations are the major goal of all the discussions. How can those targets be achieved in a realistic way?

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From STORM to SPIKE: electric powertrains for small vehicles

In 2016, a team of 23 students set a clear goal to ride around the world in 80 days, on an electric motorcycle. Since a suitable motorcycle did not exist yet, the Dutch students decided to develop it by themselves. A unique vehicle was the result: 400 km of range from a swappable and modular battery pack. Now it’s time for the next step, in which the students decided to commercialize the expertise and knowhow gained in this project. They will do this in SPIKE, in which they will develop electric powertrains that can be used by different small vehicle manufacturers worldwide

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Data is the new currency – now also in the automotive industry

Today's vehicles are gigantic suppliers of information, and like an enormous swarm, they record a constant stream of data 24 hours a day. The many sensors and systems installed in them make this possible.

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EMR INTERREG Light Vehicle 2025

The automotive sector is an important economic driver in the EMR regions. CO2 reduction all over the supply chain is still a very important criteria for future competitiveness. New materials and complete new production processes are required. OEMs are very much aware of these issues and knowledge institutes (KI’s) actively pursue research in the field. However the (SME) supply chain industry, absorbed in daily matters, does not yet show the level of innovation activity needed for long term competitiveness. A program for awareness, activation and stimulation of innovation in materials is needed.

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Renewable energy solutions

  • Albie van Buel Group Senior Vice President, Global Procurement , Vestas A/S

How can Vestas and the automotive industry truly benefit from each other and make the world more sustainable?

Vestas is the #1 renewable energy company, headquartered in Denmark with business in 75 countries. Vestas is the largest wind turbine manufacturer and service provider with 90.000 installed turbines worldwide. As the company transitions to hybrid systems in the renewable energy sector combining wind, solar and storage solutions, Vestas sees great opportunities in the collaboration with the automotive industry. This presentation will provide insights into the renewable energy sector and the opportunities ahead for Vestas and the automotive industry to join forces to make the world more sustainable.

  • 14:05-14:25
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Navigating the future

Our world is being fundamentally disrupted by societal, environmental and technological changes, and all of it is happening at a dizzyingly fast pace:
- Autonomous Driving is the most disruptive change in the automotive industry since the invention of the car,
- rapid urbanization fuels the growth mega-cities create new challenges for infrastructures and transportation systems,
- and the rise of AI-powered machines opens up new horizons.

Today, TomTom continues to be at the forefront of these many revolutions, by mapping the world for an autonomous future, by creating next-generation connected services that enhance global mobility for individuals and companies, and by harvesting the intelligence of big data to help cities and companies navigate towards the future. We help the world navigate the future.

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Global trends impacting future mobility. Driving Innovation.

Future trends like urbanization, demographic change, digital transformation are having significant impact to our industry and change the mobility of the future. 
Based on that Magna is focusing in on four key areas: Autonomy, Electrification, New Mobility and Manufacturing.

We, as Magna delivering superior value to our customers through Innovation and World Class Manufacturing.

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Disruption as chance

The automotive industry has entered a period of major disruption. New players that entered the field are quickly gaining market position, the political pressure on the use of diesel engines, electrification of the drive train and autonomous driving are challenging the existing automotive super powers. This disruption offers chances for Dutch companies and institutes as the absence of dominant player combined with the typical Dutch way of cross border thinking will prove to be an advantage. And hence a chance for growth.

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How can the Nudging concept contribute to sustainable mobility in cities

Urban areas are facing massive challenges caused by the individual traffic that are leading to traffic collapse and growing air pollution. To reduce individual traffic and handle these challenges the public transport might become a game changer. The Nudging approach helps to increase the use of public transport by offering individual mobility solutions within a connected urban mobility ecosystem.

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Wrap-up & Closure

Wrap up and closure of the Automotive Congress

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Networking drinks & bites + Visit Expo

Networking drinks & bites at the central 'Koepel' for all attendees, speakers and exhibitors.
The ideal opportunity to strenghten relations and find new ways to cross borders within and outside the Automotive Industry.

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Automotive Executive dinner

High-end dinner at a unique location within the Evoluon. Ideal for networking.
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